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Interview with Anna Miller by Mummy Social Team Member Victoria Green.

At just days old, Anna’s three girls all had leading roles lined up for them! Twins Poppy and Tabitha (now 3 years old) and Matilda (now 8 months) have all had roles in the award-winning show Call The Midwife and at just 8 weeks, the twins were filming alongside Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Mummy Social Team member Victoria caught up with Anna to find out what it’s like having kids in film…

Hi Anna! Well this film malarkey all sounds very cool, tell us what you enjoy most about it?
There really is nothing like handing your little bundles over to some of the biggest A-listers and then sitting in the cinema with your friends whispering “Look, look, that’s my baby there!”. Yes, it is showing off a little but hey, if you can’t shout about this then what can you shout about? I am super proud of them all!

The twins about to see their ‘Call the Midwife’ debut.

What has been your most memorable moment?
I will never forget sitting in the green room, chatting about twin language with Colin Firth while we were waiting to shoot the christening scene for Bridget Jones’s Baby. The girls weren’t talking yet but he was showing me a clip on his phone about the bond some twins have and how they have their own language. Three years on and the girls totally have their own language!

Another memorable moment was watching the birth scene rehearsals on the set of Call The Midwife. I found it really amazing to see all of the behind-the-scenes action that goes on to make it look so real on the TV. There is always a real midwife guiding the actors and showing them how the real baby needs to be handled, everyone is fabulous with them.

I’m sure there are lots of mums wondering how you got into filming and how they could go about it themselves?
It was at our twin antenatal class that the idea first came about, some friends mentioned that there is a high demand for twins the film industry. It had never crossed my mind that filming was even an option, but I thought it sounded exciting so I looked in to it.

First you need to get with an agent, it is their job to put you forward for different roles. These roles might include TV, commercials, films and photography work. They send your photos off to potential opportunities and then the casting teams look through all the photos they’ve been sent and select the babies or children they would like to see. If you get called for a casting you will only get 1-2 days notice. Afterwards it is then a waiting game to see if you get the job.

Poppy and Tabitha getting ready on set.

How come twins are in demand?
Laws are very strict when filming with children. Under the age of 4, babies and children are only allowed to be on set for 5 hours a day with regular breaks (20 minutes on set before they have to come off) so if it is a big role, or for an ongoing series, twins mean that they technically have 10 hours of film time a day, even though we are only on set for 5 hours. Sometimes the girls have doubled for each other, so when one gets tired or grumpy, they swap over.

Poppy and Tabitha on set for advertising.

What’s a day on set like?
Every shoot is so different. You can either get an early call time of say 7am, or as late at 6pm. You get told the scenes you will be in and could end up spending most of the day on set filming, or most of the day waiting in the green room… to be called in for the last minute of filming!

Anna, Matilda and the real midwife on the set of ‘Call the Midwife’.

Do the girls enjoy it?
They either spend the day being cuddled or playing with toys so yes, they love it! I have always said that I will continue filming with the girls until they no longer enjoy it.

Joie baby advert

Have you ever filmed as a family?
Yes and it really was great fun to film together! All four of us (it was before Matilda was born) starred in the Tomy Toomie commercials, 5 in total. We spent two days in London filming 5 different toys.

The whole family have been involved.

What’s been your favourite show to film?
All three girls have been on Call The Midwife and the cast are like one big family so I have lots of lovely memories filming with them. And I can’t not mention Bridget Jones’s Baby; it isn’t often you get to spend a weekend away with A-listers now is it!

If you would like to follow Anna and the girl’s journey on social media, you can find them at @thepopithatwins on Facebook and Instagram, or pop across to their blog:

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