• Is it free to join?
    Yes! So there’s nothing stopping you getting social!
  • Can I join from anywhere in the UK?
    Yes you can! Just pick the location nearest to you. 
  • What about safety?
    As always when meeting new people you must take responsibility for your own safety. Don't give out too much personal information, always meet in a public place and let someone else know where you are going. You'll be reminded of this when putting your name down to attend a social and you'll also see you can 'verify' another mum via their profile and the 'I have met this mum' button. 
  • How does Mummy Social work?
    Simply sign up and complete your profile. Then have a look on the Mums page to see all other members near you and click on a profile to send a message. You can also suggest a social on the Socials page, these are group meet ups that anyone can go to. There's also online support groups and chat page as well as local activities. Enjoy! 
  • Who arranges the socials?
    Socials can be arranged by any Mummy Social mum, including you! It's really easy; think of something you'd like to do, click the 'Suggest a social' button, fill in a few details and that's it. It's just an easy way to invite others to come with you on your next play park trip or cafe visit!
  • How can I contact another mum?
    You can find all the mums near you on the Mums page and use the filters to refine the list. View a profile to say hi with a message or use the one click 'Suggest a cuppa' button. 
  • How is content monitored?
    Content is member monitored. On all messages, socials and chat posts you'll find a 'report' link please use this if you want to report something. 
  • How do I advertise my business?
    If you are a local company offering families places to go and things to do please add a profile of your business to our Activities area by clicking 'Sign up' then choosing the 'Business' option.