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10 Cleaning Hacks for Busy Mums

Top tips from Mummy Social team member Victoria Green. Life is so busy when you’re a mum that sometimes when things get a bit dirty or stained you actually consider binning them rather than trying to tackle the issue in hand. In today’s landfill world we don’t want to keep throwing things away and we’d all appreciate some quicker, cheaper, easier ways to keep on-top of those chores. So, here’s read more

World Oral Health Day – Encouraging Kids To Brush

As parents, we all want the same for our children, we want them to be happy and healthy and do our utmost to do the best for them. We all know it’s important to brush their teeth, but with dental decay and tooth extractions being the most common reason for hospital admission in under 10s, how do we ensure we are doing it right? We asked mum-of-two and dentist Helen read more

Maternal Suicide Is Very Real: Tina’s Story

This is a tough subject to talk about, however, it is a very real situation for many. So, we believe that it needs to be talked about openly, without judgement or fear.  Mummy Social Team member Danni recently grabbed a cuppa with mum-of-three Tina who has been to that dark place and now wants to help others by talking about her experience. Hi Tina, thank you for taking the time read more

World Book Day – Books, Books and more Books!

Today marks World Book Day and parents across the country will no doubt have been spending their evening/s trying to rustle up an amazing costume that resembles their child’s favourite literary character. Or if you’re one of the lucky ones, perhaps your child is allowed to wear pyjamas to school and bring in their favourite book to share with the class. For many parents though, this may have felt like read more

Mummy Social Meets … Amy Williams MBE

We recently caught up with Amy Williams MSE, the British gold medallist in the women’s Skeleton at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  This was Great Britain’s first gold medal in an individual event for 30 years, and the first by a woman for 58 years. Go Amy! She’s also Mummy to two year old Oscar and is expecting her second baby this year. Hello Amy! We are rather excited to read more

Motherhood – Isn’t it tough?

What is the life experience that turns your world upside down, changes you as a person, pushes your boundaries, makes you question everything you do, and is the single best but definitely the hardest thing you’ve ever done? If you answered ‘Motherhood’, bingo! It’s awesome but gosh isn’t it tough?! This is why Mummy Social believes us mums need each other. We can help each other, learn from each other, read more

Being a Mother to Six

Kate Ball, founder of Mini First Aid is mum to six children – Alfie (8), Grace (6), Emily and Olivia (2) and Poppy and Amelia (7 months). Hi, Kate! Let’s talk about your typical day? We’re guessing there’s a lot going on! What does a day in the ‘Ball’ household look like? Depending on what sort of night we’ve had with the youngest twins, the day has a varying start time! read more

Parenting a child with cancer

Teddy was born on the 21st December 2016, a beautiful healthy baby. But on 17th April 2017 at just 16 months old our world was rocked when a large tumour was found in Teddy’s abdomen. A few days later he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer with a poor prognosis which affects around 100 children a year in the UK. Up to this moment I had found motherhood relatively read more

Being a mother of an Additional Educational Needs family

Let’s face facts, this parenting malarkey can be isolating at the best of times. As a mum of three boys, I was already totally outnumbered by the males of the species but on top of this, we are an Additional Educational Needs family which gives an extra level of complication. It was hitting the point, that the only folks I actually spoke with regularly were my mum, my husband, my read more

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