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Mummy Social meets… The Nursemum

Interview by Mummy Social team member Victoria Green. Kaytee Jones is a registered nurse and single mum to her beautiful little boy Jaxon who’s 1 ½ years old. Jaxon was born with a multitude of medical complications and requires round the clock care. Hi Kaytee, thanks so much for speaking with me. Your son Jaxon was born with quite a few medical complications, are you able to talk me through read more

Mummy Social Meets … Mums Who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant

Danni recently caught up with two mums who didn’t know they were pregnant until labour, yes I kid you not! Sharon, mum to Harvey (now 4), was 43 and Mackenzie, mum to Cooper (now 5), was just 17 at the time. Hello ladies, thank you both for chatting with me about your amazing stories.  I guess I should start with the most obvious question, you really had absolutely no idea you read more

Mummy Social meets… Rhiannon Boyle – Mummy Booze Culture

The “Mummy-Booze Culture” is this a real thing? Do you think mums are encouraged to drink? Are there hidden dangers that we haven’t been told about? Have you stopped drinking alcohol? These are the questions blogger Rhiannon Boyle is asking in our latest blog post.  Why I’m calling time on the Mummy-Booze drinking culture… (NOTE – I am well aware this somewhat preachy post will probably make me very unpopular, read more

Mummy Social Meets… Parenting A Child With Epilepsy

Ashling is mum to Allanah (4) and Cian (1). In the last year, Allanah has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Mummy Social team member Danni recently had a chat with her about what life is like being a mum to an epileptic child. Hey Ashling! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Can you tell us about the lead up to Allanah’s diagnosis? What initially started this process? How read more

Mummy Social Meets… Carly and Grace – Group B Strep Awareness

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a normal bacterium which is carried by 20-40% of adults, most commonly in the gut, and for up to 25% of women, in the vagina, usually without symptoms or side-effects. GBS can occasionally cause infection, most commonly in newborn babies, sometimes in adults and, very rarely, during pregnancy and before labour. Mummy Social Team member Victoria recently caught up with two mums Carly who is read more

Mummy Social Meets … A Blended Family

Nicky, 37 is mum to Seb (17) and 4-month-old Violet, a special guardian to her niece Tilly (7) and step-mum to Mia (7) and Teddy (3)*. Danni from the Mummy Social team recently caught up with her to talk about how they all came together as a family. Hello Nicky, you had your first child Seb, when you were 19 years old. Your second biological child, Violet, was born 17 read more

Mummy Social Meets … Sara – The life of a student midwife

Sara is a student midwife, a wife and mum to her 7 year old son. She is keen to let other women know it’s possible to be a mum, run a home, and still pursue career dreams. Mummy Social Team Member Victoria caught up with her to talk about life as a student midwife. Hi Sara, thank you so much for chatting with me. What made you want to become read more

Mummy Social Meets… Tor Cook, Multiple Miscarriages

Recently, Tor Cook has bravely spoken out about the three very different miscarriages she and her husband have suffered. She wants to talk openly about her experience to help others know they are not alone. Danni from the Mummy Social Team caught up with her to talk through her experience of multiple miscarriages. This is a sensitive subject and often sparks a lot of emotion, we ask you to please read more

Mummy Social Meets… The Baby Reflux Lady

Interview by Mummy Social Team Member Victoria Green. Aine Homer also known as The Baby Reflux Lady, is a mum, an author and a coach with her main focus being on reflux. She has two daughters, who, between them had colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA and multiple other food allergies. After struggling with getting a diagnosis she made it her mission to find the root cause and address it and read more

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