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Guest Blog: Unspoken Truths of Motherhood in an Asian Community

Guest Blog: Unspoken Truths of Motherhood in an Asian Community  by Minaz (@xminzi) For as long as I can remember, the question “what will people say?” was so part of everyday life, that it almost seemed normal to take into account what others thought of you. To base your opinion of yourself on what people thought of you.  Reputation is king: you would do whatever it took to make sure your reputation was read more

Sexual Abuse Awareness Blog

It’s sexual abuse awareness week. Something I can relate to deeply and something that still haunts and affects me to this day. I feel there is a strong stereotype when it comes to rape and sexual assault/abuse. The stereotype that it only occurs by being jumped by a stranger in a back alley. That the woman attacked was intoxicated beyond belief and “wearing next to nothing”. Now not only do read more

EMDR Therapy For Postpartum Depression

I have a friend, she listens, she says my emotion is validated even the negative. She tells me what I’m feeling isn’t how a happy person should feel. She knows my smiles are ways of escape. She knows people’s comments may kill me. When I say there are people going through worse and I’m being silly, she comforts me and tells me that what I’m feeling isn’t any less important, because I’m read more

Mummy Social Meets… Mothering Without A Mother

Becoming a mum is something that usually brings you closer to your own mum. It allows you to find a new dimension to your relationship and a new level of understanding and respect, however, what happens when your mum is no longer there and you have to navigate your motherhood journey without her. At the end of last year, I spoke to the lovely Gaby Roslin, who at 32 lost read more

Mummy Social Meets… Four Mum With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Back last year Danni interviewed three mums who have suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during their pregnancies. Each slightly different but ultimately they were very poorly. Lucy (@what_luce_does), mum to Miicah and Aria and a little boy. Sophia (@mumlife_afterhg), first time mum to baby Teddy who has been born since this interview took place. Rebecca (@thecoastalmummy), who runs a blog called The Coastal Mummy which is a multi-award-winning parenting and lifestyle read more

Mum Shaming & Judgement

In this day and age, you can be shamed for almost anything. Gone are the days where things were said behind your back, now it’s written there for all to see. It’s real, it’s hurtful, it’s detrimental to people’s health. I think we can all agree that motherhood can be hard. We all have our own journey to make but many of the ups and downs will be similar along read more

Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers Your little one’s skin may be peachy smooth and soft most of the time, but it’s bound to get dry now and then and the winter months are the times when this is most likely to happen. Where colder temperatures can cause extra dry chapped skin – especially in babies and toddlers. Some kids are naturally predisposed to having dry skin, but all read more

Mummy Social Meets … Learning about Gestational Diabetes

I recently spoke with Jo, a 40-year-old mum of three boys (Mackinley, Finlay and Brodie) who lives in the Scottish borders with her sons and husband Gavin. She has PCOS and endometriosis but was blessed with three miracles, however during each pregnancy she suffered with gestational diabetes. She now runs a popular website and social media pages to raise awareness and offer support to other mums. Hi Jo, thank you read more

Separation Anxiety: How To Manage

Separation anxiety: How to gently manage every situation between you and your child. The tears, the fights, the heartache and the frustration. All common factors surrounding separation anxiety that parents will know all too well.  Maybe it’s something that occurs daily in your house or perhaps just every so often, either way, it’s draining and takes a real toll on your emotional wellbeing. So having a gentle, calm approach can read more

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