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Mummy Social Meets … Learning about Gestational Diabetes

I recently spoke with Jo, a 40-year-old mum of three boys (Mackinley, Finlay and Brodie) who lives in the Scottish borders with her sons and husband Gavin. She has PCOS and endometriosis but was blessed with three miracles, however during each pregnancy she suffered with gestational diabetes. She now runs a popular website and social media pages to raise awareness and offer support to other mums. Hi Jo, thank you read more

Separation Anxiety: How To Manage

Separation anxiety: How to gently manage every situation between you and your child. The tears, the fights, the heartache and the frustration. All common factors surrounding separation anxiety that parents will know all too well.  Maybe it’s something that occurs daily in your house or perhaps just every so often, either way, it’s draining and takes a real toll on your emotional wellbeing. So having a gentle, calm approach can read more

Fussy Eating – How To Restore Peace Around The Dinner Table

What is a fussy eater? The term ‘fussy or picky eater’ covers a range of behaviours including refusing any new food, having strong likes/dislikes about food, rejecting food unless it is beige, spitting new foods out and having a restricted intake of certain foods, especially vegetables. There are three very important points to clear up first before we explore ways in which you might be able to support your child read more

Mummy Social Meets … A Fostering Mum

I recently caught up with Sandra*, a mum, who fosters children until a suitable solution for their care can be found. She explains what’s involved and tells us why she finds it rewarding. *name has been changed to protect identity. Thank you for talking to me about fostering, I really appreciate it. Can you please tell me what exactly fostering is and what it involves? Fostering involves caring for children read more

Story Of ‘Not Another Bunch Of Flowers’

Hi, I’m Anikka. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my story. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 33 and was sent lots of lovely bunches of flowers. It was obviously wonderful knowing I had such strong support behind me, but I never actually got to see many of them. Most people don’t realise that many hospitals do not read more

EXHAUSTED BUT EMPOWERED; learning to trust my instincts

Guest blog by Karen McMillian (@mother_truths). I understood that sleep deprivation would be part and parcel of new motherhood. But I hadn’t accounted for it featuring quite so heavily and for quite so long. I didn’t anticipate that sleep (or the lack of) would come to define my experience of motherhood. I had no idea that it would make me feel such a disconnect from a world that seemed insistent on sleep training; read more

Mummy Social Meets … Seasonal Affective Disorder

I recently caught up with Hannah, mum of two (Mollie and Mason) who suffers from S.A.D. As this is something that not many people know about I was keen to talk to her to find out more about it and raise awareness. Thank you for talking to me Hannah. Can you please explain to me what this is? S.A.D stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s when seasons affect your mood read more

Mummy Social Meets… Learns About Tube Feeding

Danni recently caught up with Maria (33) a first time Mummy to 15-month-old Aria. When Maria was told Aria had to be tube-fed, she openly admits that she didn’t know enough about NG tube feeding (Nasogastric Feeding Tube). She felt very isolated being a new mum to a tube-fed baby, so she is keen to share her story in order to raise awareness on this subject. We believe that whether your read more

Mummy Social Meets … Becca: Ectopic Pregnancy

I recently spoke to Becca Maberly, who is a pregnancy and postnatal expert and runs A Mother Place with her father Roger Marwood, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She has two little boys, Wilfred (8) and Gus (6) and she is married to Tom. Last year Becca had an ectopic pregnancy, so with her experience and background I wanted to ask her some questions to help spread awareness. Thank you so read more

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