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Being a Mother to Six

Kate Ball, founder of Mini First Aid is mum to six children – Alfie (8), Grace (6), Emily and Olivia (2) and Poppy and Amelia (7 months). Hi, Kate! Let’s talk about your typical day? We’re guessing there’s a lot going on! What does a day in the ‘Ball’ household look like? Depending on what sort of night we’ve had with the youngest twins, the day has a varying start time! read more

Parenting a child with cancer

Teddy was born on the 21st December 2016, a beautiful healthy baby. But on 17th April 2017 at just 16 months old our world was rocked when a large tumour was found in Teddy’s abdomen. A few days later he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer with a poor prognosis which affects around 100 children a year in the UK. Up to this moment I had found motherhood relatively read more

Being a mother of an Additional Educational Needs family

Let’s face facts, this parenting malarkey can be isolating at the best of times. As a mum of three boys, I was already totally outnumbered by the males of the species but on top of this, we are an Additional Educational Needs family which gives an extra level of complication. It was hitting the point, that the only folks I actually spoke with regularly were my mum, my husband, my read more

An Adoptive Mum’s Story

Insight into Adoption   “I hope this feature does 2 things: reminds people that mothers have different stories and that adoption might be one of them and shows that adoption is an option and not one to be scared of.” — Catherine Catherine is Mum to Max and Sophie*, who moved in with her and husband James in January last year when Max was two and Sophie was 8-months-old. Hi, read more

A year with childhood cancer

It’s been a year since Dex didn’t wake up that morning.  A year since an ambulance was sent for us, and a year since my stomach plummeted as the words “he has Leukaemia” were spoken. It’s been a tough year that threw us straight into the deep end of Paediatric Oncology, something I’d never in a million years thought we’d be a part of.  A world that if I saw read more

Mummy Social Meets… Casey Batchelor

We recently caught up with Casey Batchelor, TV personality and mummy to 8-month-old Florence. We had a good old natter about all things motherhood. Hi, Casey! Let’s talk ‘me time!’ You’re a busy working mum, so what do you do to relax when you get the chance? Or is there no chance?! To relax I love having a bath with candles, that’s definitely my ‘me time’. Also, my partner Dane read more

Mummy Social meets … The Scummy Mummies

Sometimes we need to hear that being imperfect as a parent is not only normal, it’s ruddy awesome. Who better to deliver that news than comedy duo Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, better known as The Scummy Mummies, who perform songs about the PTA and Captain Birdseye. We grabbed Ellie between shows to ask some very serious questions. How did the pair of you meet and when did you introduce read more

Mummy Social Meets … The Loose Lips Podcast

The Loose Lips Podcast is hosted by Anna Williamson and Luisa Zissman. It’s known for being full of strong opinions, rants, words and complete and utter honesty. Anna is a counsellor, life coach, master NLP practitioner and experienced broadcaster. Luisa is a retail entrepreneur and reality TV contestant having appeared in The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother. They are both mums and they both have a lot to say! We read more

Mummy Social meets… GMB’s Laura Tobin

''Regular' baby cards have words and images that can be upsetting to premature parents who have to leave their babies behind in hospital and are definitely not celebrating their new arrival with a 'Congratulations' card.' read more

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