Guest Blog: Mindfulness – Five Tips

My name is Sheena and I am the Perfectly Imperfect Mum to my two girls Sienna (9) and Isla (7). I am also a Wellbeing Coach, Vegan Treats Creator and an Optometrist.

I have battled with anxiety for most of my life and never felt good enough in anything I did. I never felt I was funny enough, confident enough, social enough, smart or pretty enough, or fun enough. I never thought I was good at any role from partner, optometrist, friend, daughter to mother. As I felt my insecurity this only escalated as I constantly compared to everyone else around me, they all seemed to ‘have it together’, and if I wasn’t comparing I was judging myself, feeding myself with criticism.

I knew something had to change when I had kids, I could continue to spiral or start to transform my mindset. I was crying every day and felt exhausted trying to be a ‘perfect’ mum. My journey into working on my inner self began, the daily inner work has never stopped to keep my anxiety at bay and now I have embraced my Perfectly Imperfect Mum Self.

My top 5 tips in being a mindful mum and finding your inner calm amongst the daily chaos are:

1. Start your day with some breathwork and affirmations. Deep breaths to instil calm and saying some positive affirmations to start the day with good intentions. My favourite is I AM ENOUGH.

2. Be mindful of your to-do list, focus on one task at a time. Thinking of 100 tasks whilst trying to complete the present task will lead to overwhelm and stress.

3. Respond not react to situations. It’s easy to snap and then regret or have your mind rise with anger and the words are out before you can stop it. Pause before you respond to the situation.

4. Take a few mindful minutes a day for yourself, even if its a cup of tea without phone scrolling, or going for a walk without thinking of the to-do list. Quality 5-10mins on yourself.

5. End your day with gratitude, 1-3 things that made you smile or feel happy. The more we practice gratitude the more we programme our mind to see the positives daily.

I am super excited that through my journey I was able to release and launch my book Perfectly Imperfect Mum packed with mindfulness and motivation tips, simple yet nourishing plant-based recipes and yoga poses for all abilities. The book has been featured in the Metro and The Sun and is available in all book stores and can be bought on Amazon.