IS MUMSH!T taking over your life?

IS MUMSH!T taking over your life?

For years I referred to MumSh!t as the never ending sh!t I had to deal with on a daily basis. From wiping their bums to putting away clean clothes, from finding the sh!t they couldn’t find themselves, to replying to the never ending stream of school newsletters.

For years this was my MumSh!t.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been thinking about what this actually means and came to the realisation that the never ending conveyor belt of sh!t doesn’t just include the stuff we have to do.

MumSh!t is ultimately, not the sh!t we have to do, but the thoughts, feelings and behaviours we have when the MumSh!t slips.

When we forget to return the school slips, when there are no clean socks because the clothes have been sat in the washing machine for 3 days. When we rock up to school 5 minutes late stuffing a Dairylea Dunker in their pack up because there was nothing else in the fridge. It’s the constant battles we have with ourselves because we’re not good enough, organised enough, too tired or too busy to do the stuff that as mums we ‘should’ be doing.


And the problem with MumSh!t is it’s a vicious cycle!! Once we’re trapped in the ‘I’m a sh!t mum’ cycle it’s so unbelievably hard to escape it because we start believing all the bullsh!t Walt Disney fiction we play out in our heads without even questioning it.

We confirm all this sh!t to ourselves throughout the day, over and over again. And when we continue to tell ourselves these bullsh!t stories, repeatedly, our minds start believing it.

Did you know, on an average day, around 80% of our thoughts are negative! What is that about?

Why do we do it to ourselves? There is an element of biology in there. Self protection; preparation of fight or flight response. But in today’s society is the 80% really needed?

The problems we face today, as mums, are different from that of our ancestors. The Saber-Tooth tiger have been replaced by the fake reality TV and insta mums and the giant man-eating birds by the cliquey school mums. Today, we protect ourselves today by trying to fit in.

By trying to be like the other, more popular, successful or likeable mums. We don’t want our children to be shunned by the other kids. We don’t want people to talk about our ‘weaknesses’ – being disorganised, unhealthy, not a good enough mum.

We negatively compare ourselves to others and ask ourselves why we can’t be slimmer, fitter, more organised, prettier, better, taller, more glam.

It is all absolute bullsh!t!!

And the worst part of it all – we’re unknowingly teaching this behaviour to our children. They are watching our every move. Every time we cringe getting on the scales, every time we wince when a glam mum blanks us at the school gates, every time we get frustrated and angry when we’re late for school drop off. So they learn that these things are unhappy moments in life.

Unhappiness is such a big part of MumSh!t. We absorb the negatives into our lives and it consumes us. By constantly questioning our self worth, our ability as a mum, partner, friend and person. By negatively comparing ourselves to those who seemingly have it all, we are filling our head with negative thoughts that preoccupies our minds for 80% of the day!!!!

What if it didn’t have to be like this? What if there was a way to break the negative MumSh!t cycle and not only be the role model we want and need to be for our children…but also to help us be happier, more content and more fulfilled in our role as a mum and as a woman?

I wish I could list all the tools I have used to break through the MumSh!t cycle, both for me and clients in this blog post, but that would have to be in book format!

However, on 23rd May I am holding a FREE 45 minute workshop to help you overcome the vicious cycle that is MumSh!t! Totally free, no catches or gimmicks. Why? Simply – because I want to reach as many mums as possible so they can stop living their lives on autopilot, full of guilt, negative comparison and lack of self worth and become happier…because ultimately being happy is the answer to living a life you love.

I will be sharing my unique method and actionable tips and tools to help you break through the vicious cycle that is holding you back from being the happy, fulfilled and life loving mum you deserve to be.

We will break down the 8 elements of MumSh!t you subconsciously subject yourselves to every day, to help stop the Mum Guilt, Comparisons and feelings you have of never being good enough or worthy enough.

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Stop sitting in the shadows, waiting for more time, more energy or more motivation to make the change and come along, learn some stuff and SHINE like the superstar you are!

Jeni x

About Me:
Jeni is a 42 yo mum of two girls (12 & 14), step mum to two grown up kids (22 & 29), dog mum to rescue pup, Bryson and lives in beautiful Yorkshire.

An ACCPH accredited Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner, Jeni specialises in helping mums break through the MumSh!t, ditch the self doubt and become the confident, self aware and amazing women they were born to be!