Mummy Social Meets … The Team at Christmas!

Interview by Danni and Victoria (Mummy Social Admin Team)

We caught up with the Mummy Social ladies to chat CHRISTMASSSS!!!

When do you put your tree up:

Helen: This year we went unusually early for us and it was up on the 1st of December.

Sarah: Usually we start getting festive the first weekend in December … however this year, due to major ongoing house renovations and the fact we are currently sleeping in the living room (don’t ask!) it’s looking likely to be much nearer to the Big Day.

Josie: Ridiculously early this year…  the last weekend in November! Andy is working away for all of Christmas, so we wanted one Christmassy day together before he went (sob!). I have his credit card though so it’s not all bad!

Helen decorating her fabulous looking Christmas tree

Favourite Christmas film:

Sarah: Not sure if it’s technically a Christmas film but one of my festive faves is The Holiday. Bloody love that film.

Josie: YES Sarah, I want to marry Jude Law in that film! Elf for me, I find it funny every time!

Helen: Home Alone, what a classic.

Favourite Christmas song:

Sarah: The Pogues. I particularly love sing-shouting, “WELL SO COULD ANYONE!” at my kids, who think I am dead embarrassing.

Josie: All I Want For Christmas Is You… I like to think I can sing like Mariah (I can’t).

Helen: Jingle Bells, laugh all you want but I love it!

Favourite Christmas tradition:

Josie: On Christmas Eve we walk around the streets near our house to see all the Christmas lights with hot chocolate.

Helen: Buck’s Fizz and melon for breakfast.

Sarah: Making the kids wait until we’ve got a cup of tea before they can open anything. Mwah ha ha.

Best and worst present:

Sarah: The best present was Baby Wilf, who arrived 13 days before Christmas last year. There were Christmas songs on the radio when we drove home from the hospital and I remember thinking I didn’t want or need anything else.

Worst present was a sleeping bag from relatives one year when I was little. It was wrapped and then put in a huge bin bag under the tree – I thought it was a massive teddy! 

Josie: My best present was the Sylvanian Families Mansion House, I still have it and can’t wait to bring it out for the kids, when I believe they won’t trash my pride and joy.

The worst present was a bolied egg timer that was in a ring sized box… he will NEVER live that down.

Helen: My best present was a Tiny Tears Doll that did wees and poos.

The worst present wasn’t for me but my dad once got a microwave for my mum. Amazingly they are still married!

Baby Wilf – Sarah’s best Christmas present

Character/object you played at school nativity:

Helen: I was an angel that lost its wings.

Sarah: I was Mary once. The boy who was Joseph grew up and got an ASBO. True story.

Josie: I can’t really remember any nativity that I was in, why can’t I remember???

Best Christmas memory:

Josie: Just that feeling of waking up brimming with excitement and seeing the full stocking at the end of my bed!

Helen: A couple of years ago me and my hubby took our son to a cabin in the mountains in France. It was snowy and we ate chocolate crepes all day.

Sarah: All the Christmasses I was lucky enough to spend with my mum before she died.

Predicted time your kids will wake up on Christmas day:

Helen: They never sleep!

Josie: Don’t even want to think about it!

Sarah: Oooooh 6am … if we’re lucky …!

Dexter, Olive and Belle


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