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The Loose Lips Podcast is hosted by Anna Williamson and Luisa Zissman. It’s known for being full of strong opinions, rants, words and complete and utter honesty. Anna is a counsellor, life coach, master NLP practitioner and experienced broadcaster. Luisa is a retail entrepreneur and reality TV contestant having appeared in The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother. They are both mums and they both have a lot to say! We caught up with Anna between recordings to ask her about the podcast and to chat Christmas.

Your Loose Lips Podcast is known for its honesty and strong opinions, is there anything you won’t discuss? What’s the most controversial topic you guys have discussed?

Ha! Yes, Luisa brings out the angry side of me! Only kidding, I’m a very relaxed ‘anything goes’ kinda gal, and so is Luisa believe it or not, she’s just particularly articulate at vocalising her opinion…and here’s the thing, neither of us at any point deliberately set out to offend anyone, far from it, we believe in this censored world in just having a good ol vent, even if one doesn’t agree. Most people seem to enjoy the ‘just go on say it’ approach we promote. We don’t take ourselves seriously, we just like to chat and involve our lovely listeners. One topic off limits is our private sex lives – our husbands would kill us! And I guess the most controversial topic we covered was breast vs bottle ….it actually got a great reaction, the chat and opinions were really positive and inclusive.

The Christmas season is upon us! Are you a go-big-or-go-home type or do you keep it simple when it comes to Christmas celebrations?

I absolutely love Christmas! Even more so now my son is 2…he’s so excited! I’m a traditional, nativity visiting, carol singing Christmas fan, and I just adore spending time with family and friends. Go big or go home I say!

Christmas can be overwhelming for a lot of people, especially mums as they feel the pressure to make everything perfect for their families. What key coping strategies would you suggest?

I actually didn’t really enjoy my first Christmas as a mother, I had a three month old and I just struggled to cope with the chaos of the day whilst tending to his needs as well. My advice would be just see how you feel, and if you just want to take it easy this year, then do so! Don’t feel you have to people please anybody. Christmas is for enjoyment, not feeling stressed, so make whatever tweaks you might need to and delegate jobs to other family members to ease the pressure off.

How do you spend Christmas day? Best and worst part about it?

Always at my parents, they have a big family home which is very festive with log fires etc. It’s normally a lazy morning, sometimes church, the big meal around 2 PM, followed by present opening after dinner, some games and festive telly… Followed by more eating with an evening buffet. The best and worst thing combined is the overeating!

Mummy Social believes mum mates are so important! Do you agree and if so why?

Absolutely! Without a doubt I wouldn’t have got through my post natal depression as quickly or as successfully if I hadn’t had my mum mates around me. Having a friend/s to talk to and share similar experiences I believe is crucial in helping you adjust to motherhood.

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Loose Lips is available every Monday and Thursday via iTunes and acast #looselipspod

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