Probio7 Series: Supporting your infants’ gut 

One of the first exposure your infant will have to friendly bacteria is in the placenta therefore, it is important you are looking after your gut during pregnancy. This can be achieved by eating plenty of fibre, having a diverse diet, getting outside and exercising for at least 20 minutes every day, staying hydrated and reducing stress whenever possible. 

Infant drops containing friendly bacteria is one way to support your infant’s gut microbiome. Friendly bacteria drops can deliver good bacteria, like species of Bifidobacteria, to your infants’ gut to support the development of their microbiome and immune system. This can be especially important for infants who have been born by C-section, are bottle-fed or have been exposed to antibiotics.

An infant’s gut microbiome has different species of bacteria present when compared to an adult’s microbiome therefore, it is important to choose a friendly bacteria supplement that has been formulated specifically for infants. Additionally, not all supplements are suitable for both breastfed and bottle-fed infants, so make sure you chose one which is suitable for both.

Once you start weaning your infant their gut will be more like an adult’s gut. Therefore, it’s important to introduce them to a wide range of different foods to support their gut microbiome.

Written by Rebecca Traylen, Head of Nutrition, Probio7