Take the Plunge and GET SOCIAL!

You may have guessed by our ‘does what it says on the tin’ name that the whole philosophy behind Mummy Social is encouraging mums to … yep, you guessed it, get social. It’s simple, right?! Well, the principle may indeed be simple but let’s be honest, it doesn’t always feel that simple, does it?

There are a great many of us who, as adult human beings, have not had to ‘put ourselves out there’ in the hope of making friends for a very long time. Perhaps never, even. At school, we could bond over a love of Polly Pockets, Tammy Girl and the slightly edgy-looking one from 5ive who had his eyebrow pierced. Sometimes all we had to do was pass a note in class to ask outright if the other person wanted to be our Best Friend Forever, later cementing that official status with Best Friend necklaces and/or inscriptions on desks with compasses.

If we later went away to College or University we may have found ourselves sharing a living space with a handful of other people and in that intense environment of Pot Noodles and alcopops, friendships more often than not blossomed. After joining the world of work, we were probably thrown into a team at the supermarket or an office desk arrangement where we were sat among the same people, five days a week, and that kind of lends itself to friendships forming.

And then we become parents and, despite already having friends, we realise that our routine has fallen out of step with our child-free, professional friends, who still have something called a lunch break and pop out for ‘cheeky drinks’ after work, while we’re at home tackling poonamis, scrubbing baked beans off the walls and googling if it’s possible to die from sleep deprivation.

Sometimes we discover that our friends who do have children live just that little bit too far away for a regular catch up. And sometimes it dawns on us that, actually, we simply fancy making some new friends as we embark on what feels like the craziest adventure ever; an adventure that appears to be magical and maddening in equal measure.

That’s where Mummy Social comes in: it helps with making new mum friends. However, despite all the work we do behind the scenes, Mummy Social is not a magic wand. It doesn’t magic away the nerves, or the worry about the potential level of awkwardness, or the doubts over whether you’re still able to operate like a fully-functioning adult who has retained the ability to hold a conversation with another adult (remember those?!).

When you are in the thick of a sleep-deprived haze – constantly putting the kettle in the fridge or frantically searching for your phone while you are, in fact, on your phone – getting out of the house and meeting up with someone you don’t know can feel like a GIANT task. It just seems so much safer to stay at home and watch This Morning. The ball-ache that is signing up and getting yourself to a Mummy Social meet-up can’t really be worth the hassle, can it? Well, the short answer is YES. It can. Because mums need other mums.

Just think about the ADULT CONVERSATION (yes, you are still capable – even if you end up chatting in fifteen second bursts between telling your toddler not to put Play Doh in his ear) with someone who actually wants to discuss teething, weaning, poo stories, the number of wake-ups last night, birthing tales and plots to kill snoring husbands as much as you do. Someone whose top is also covered in yoghurt and snot and who hasn’t hit the town since 1999.

And do you know how this can make you feel? It can make you feel confident, refreshed, like a normal person again. We know this sounds dramatic but it’s true, and we know this because our mums send us their success stories and each and every time we shout YES. It really is an amazing tonic, this getting social malarkey.

It’s only natural to be bricking it a little bit, so to put your mind even further at ease we’ve decided to share some of those success stories from mums who describe how they felt about getting social initially, and what it’s really like…

Mum to: Charlie 2 1/2 years old and Lorelei 9 months old
Location Wrexham
What was the Social? Meet up at local country park
How did you feel before the social? Scared, nervous, flustered
What did you do during the social? My son played on the adventure playground, I talked nonstop for an hour, had a laugh.
How did you feel after the social? Relaxed, chirpy, excited
Would you get social again? Hell yes!

Mum to: Theo 9, Kayla 2
Location: Southampton
What was the social? Meet up at pub with a kids area
Three words to describe how you felt before the social: Anxious, excited, stressed!!
Three things that you did during the social: Chatted, laughed, drank tea
Three words to describe how you felt after the social: Glad, confident, excited
Would you get social again? Definitely!!

Laura K
Mum to: Edith 3 months
Location; Lyme Park
What was the social? A walk in the park
Three words to describe how you felt before the social: Anxious, nervous and eager
Three things that you did during the social: Almost got blown away (horrific gale force winds), had a work out (babies in prams and a steep gravel path against the wind, not the greatest combination), chatted in the pub afterwards (couldn’t hear ourselves think over the wind before hand!)
Three words to describe how you felt after the social: Relieved, refreshed, hopeful
Would you get social again? Absolutely (minus the wind!)

Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do TODAY. Take that leap, join Mummy Social, send a message, go to a Social. Do it for you, do it for your sanity! You won’t regret it, we promise.

The Mummy Social team xx

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