The Mummy Social Guide to Hosting a Social

If you’re looking at the Socials page and wishing there was a bit more going on in your areas, why not give hosting a social a go? Since 2015, more than 10,000 meet-ups have taken place and every one of them has been set up by a mum who herself took the plunge. Socials range from picnics in the park to our children-free ‘Champagne* Socials’ with a whole host of ‘does anyone fancy meeting here?’ in between. If you’re tempted to organise a get-together but unsure where to start, here are 5 easy steps to getting social. Click here to find out how to arrange a social on the app.


The most obvious starting point for any social is to consider what sort of meet-up you are hoping for. Are you eager to get out for a walk with the pushchair and would like some company? Maybe you’re more of a cuppa-and-brunch type mum and fancy arranging a cafe rendezvous instead. Or perhaps you’re simply in need of a night out and need to know there will be others joining you at the bar when you escape the bedtime pandemonium to her your hair down. If you start with a rough idea of what you want the social to look like, the rest will follow.


Consider the practicalities of your venue – if you’re meeting in a cafe, how much space is there for prams? If you’re all meeting outdoors for a walk or picnic, is there a backup plan for bad weather? Sometimes the most successful meet-ups take place when mums arrange to club together and meet somewhere they’d usually head to alone, a firm favourite being soft play (yep, we know it can smell like feet but there’s coffee, the kids can’t escape and there’s safety in numbers).


Certains times of the day may work better than others. Mid to late morning or early afternoon can work well for those parents who need to be around for the school or nursery run and your chosen time covers lunchtime it’s always worth making a plan for food in advance so mums attending know whether they should be bringing their own or treating themselves to something out and about. If you have older children, a post-school meet where kids can let off steam before team time might work well and if you’re opting for a child-free night out, planning anything before 8pm might become impossible if there are small people to wrestle into bed and you all need to change into something not covered in yoghurt (it’s worth planning evening socials a few weeks in advance, in case babysitting is required).


Once you know what, where and when you’re meeting it’s really easy to create the social and you will be prompted for all the necessary details. If you can, try and add a sentence or two about why you’ve set up the social as there is nothing more encouraging than hearing that other mums are in need of some company, too! You will be able to see who is planning on attending your social and this means you can update the arrangements if you need to (i.e. Wednesday is no going to be a washout so let’s meet at the library instead of the park!). See our guide to creating a social here.


Don’t fixate on numbers – ever if only one other mum turns up, you’ll still both made it out of the house and enjoyed some adult conversation (and if that conversation occurs in twenty-second bites between asking your children not to hit each other, it’s still got to be better than Groundhog Day in the living-room). If a certain time or venue doesn’t seem to work out, try another option and remember that new mums are joining Mummy Social every day so you will be working with a larger number of local mums each time you plan something. Finally, keep in mind that somebody has to make the first move and there is no reason why that persona can’t be YOU. Be friendly, be brace and get social.

If you can no longer attend a social, whether as a host or attendee please do (where possible) let the someone who is going know. It can be really disheartening for someone to be sat there by themselves waiting for someone who isn’t going to turn up.

*we’ll let you into a little secret: we rarely drink champagne on a night out. We just like to sound dead fancy.

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