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Meet the mums behind Mummy Social

Mummy Social was founded in January 2015 by Devon mum-of-three Josie Barron. Having herself experienced loneliness as a new mum, Josie set about creating a website that would offer a solution to the isolation so many mums face. Using her self-taught website coding skills, Josie initially built and ran Mummy Social from the desk in her daughter’s nursery. Word about the site quickly spread and, to date, more than 80,000 mums have signed up.

‘Becoming a mum has been amazing, however, I didn’t expect it to be so exhausting, frustrating and emotional - it's been harder than I thought! When I had my first baby, my fiancé was working away - sometimes for up to 3 months at a time - and I felt myself becoming isolated. Despite trying to make friends through baby groups, I found it hard to pluck up the courage to make it happen. I decided that if I was finding it hard, other mums must be finding it hard, too. It was from this that the idea for Mummy Social was born ... my way of making it easier for all mums to make new friends.’

- Josie, pictured with Dexter, Annabelle and Olive.

In 2016, TV presenter Helen Skelton and blogger-turned-author Sarah Turner (The Unmumsy Mum), joined the team.

‘Schedules, free time and availability can change when children come along and I found when I went on maternity leave that my mates weren't free, or weren't awake when I was, which is why Mummy Social works. Make friends with other mums who are in the same headspace and have the same availability and needs as you do. No obligation, no expectation just a real opportunity to make this time fun rather than fraught.’

- Helen, pictured with Ernie and Louis.

‘Motherhood is wonderful but at times it is also hard – really bloody hard! – and having a support network around you is so important. The problem is, it’s not always easy to access that network. Many mums describe feeling uncomfortable about throwing themselves into a new baby-group environment and instead feel much more comfortable striking up an initial conversation online. I feel so passionately about the values behind Mummy Social and I am proud to be a part of its future. Sign up, sign up, everybody sign up! There is nothing to

- Sarah, pictured with Henry, Jude and Wilf

Through their work with Mummy Social, Josie, Helen and Sarah are on a mission to combat loneliness and unite mums for friendship and support.

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