Get Social – You Have Nothing to Lose!

Guest blog by Gemma from Henry Parker and The Mothership

At some point in your life as a mother, you are going to feel like your social life has flopped.

You will turn to social media or ‘mummy’ forums in search for other mums that are in the same boat as you. Mums that might share your love of coffee and wine rather than nursery rhymes and play parks. Don’t get me wrong that stuff is great for the kids. But this isn’t about the kids. It’s about you. In my case, I found an amazing app called Mummy Social. You stalk people’s profiles, like them or suggest a coffee with them! Totally genius! No faffing just straight to the point. There are forums and chats you can also take part in and you can even arrange your own social event in your area which is quite cool! Yes, I said cool. F**k what is happening to me. I’m basically 50. So anyway scrolling through the mums near me it became totally apparent that we are just as picky at choosing mums to have playdates with as we would be choosing a man to date! I was being massively shallow and only clicking on the ones that I would want to be seen in public with. How tragic is that! It’s not like we have a huge line of mums with their buggies queuing up outside our front doors ready to have a play date on a whim. There’s no room and no need for choosiness in this game. We’re all in the same boat and you never know who you are going to really click with.

Moving on to the next big step. Arranging a date! It’s super awkward and you feel like a complete goon asking a stranger and their kids out on a date. It’s just coffee or the park, not a candlelit dinner for two! You can handle this! You just have to do it. It’s like ripping off a plaster!

When they reply you feel like a giddy teenager. Do I reply straight away? Will I look too keen? Do I put a kiss or smiley face? Obviously overthinking the whole situation. You’re such a loser. You need to get out more.

So you do! You get out more! You set off on your Mummy date, not before you’ve gone through your whole wardrobe though, you don’t want to look too mumsy but then again not overdressed! It’s so ridiculous it’s laughable. Just walk out the door and go you silly cow!

You arrive at your destination and you meet your date. You go through the general chit chat and the mum talk and you play with the kids. You feel like a real human doing human things out in the social world. Who’d have thought it! You drink your coffee and arrange another date and that’s it! You’ve broken your Mummy dating virginity! It wasn’t so hard was it? It was all over before you knew it!

You go away feeling super sassy and brave because you have made a new friend. This is an example of a good mummy date, I haven’t had a bad one yet touch wood, but I’m sure I will at some point.

So now you have scraped back a slither of your social life, what’s next? Group dating? Dating with no kids? Oh my god the possibilities are endless.

Just give it a try! You have nothing to lose!

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