Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Your little one’s skin may be peachy smooth and soft most of the time, but it’s bound to get dry now and then and the winter months are the times when this is most likely to happen. Where colder temperatures can cause extra dry chapped skin – especially in babies and toddlers. Some kids are naturally predisposed to having dry skin, but all kids have skin that’s thinner and more sensitive than an adults, making it far more vulnerable to the change in the weather.

There are plenty of other reasons that can cause dry skin, such as spending too much time in the bath or swimming pool, being outside when it’s really cold weather or being inside with the heating on too high, and also being sensitive to chemicals and fragrances in some soaps and creams. Dribbling, teething and some foods can irritate if they end up smeared across your baby’s face can also cause rough dry patches.

Cold winter air is tough on everyone’s skin, but babies and toddlers are even more susceptible to the harsh, dry climate.

Here’s our top Toddle tips on how to help your little one’s skin:

  • Don’t overheat the house. Low temperatures and chilly winds result in chapped skin for both you and your baby. To combat the cold, you may be tempted to make your house super toasty and turn the heating on really high, but overheated air can dry out skin even more. Keep the house comfy but not too toasty.
  • Keep warm whilst out and make sure that your baby’s skin is always protected from the harsh winter air with several layers of light- to medium-weight clothing rather than one big heavy outfit as air is the best insulator. Layers are also easier to take off inside the car or to store under the buggy. Make sure your baby’s cold-weather gear includes a hat, mittens, socks, boots and a warm coat or snowsuit. 
  • Apply a hypoallergenic cream to your baby’s checks at least twice a day and apply a baby lip balm to your baby’s lips. Dry air and windy weather can make exposed lips chapped and cheeks wind-burned (which looks and feels like sunburn). 
  • It may be cold outside, but the sun still plays a big role in your baby’s winter skincare. Because snow reflects up to 85 per cent of the sun’s harmful rays, sunburn is still a risk. Make using suncream a regular part of your little one’s winter skin-care regimen and ensure you apply a high SPF regularly.

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