Get Ready For Motherhood!

‘Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ was the message we heard from hundreds of mums over the 5 years we’ve spent running Mummy Social. So we created this guide to tell you what you really need know about becoming a new mum!

We focus on the really important stuff, such as how you’ll feel after birth, how to prioritise your wellbeing and how to overcome the common new mum challenges. As well as the traditional antenatal course content and of course, all of your burning questions such as “Will my downstairs ever be the same again?”. 

The course is a simple PDF download, easy to read on your mobile, and covers:

•   Understanding your expectations verses reality.
•   Having a positive mental attitude no matter what happens.
•   What you really need to know about giving birth.
•   What to expect afterwards, aptly called ‘you’ll thank us later’.
•   Taking care of you, your mental health.
•   Four personalised action plans looking after your wellbeing.
•   Two ‘get everything ready’ checklists.
•   Overcoming the 6 most common new mum challenges.
•   Practical ‘how-tos’ for looking after a baby.
•   Top tips from other mums and so much more…

Phew it’s exhausting. Oh, we’ll tell you all about being exhausted and how to help yourself with that too (bye bye sleep).

You will also be able to join the Mummy Social private friendship group where you can meet other new mums for friendship and support.

So save yourself from the usual ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ feeling and simply click below!


Q. Is the course fun to do?
Yes! Written by other mums, it’s just like chatting to a friend with fun activities and downloads to fill in (get your best stationery at the ready) so grab a cuppa, get comfy on the sofa and get stuck in! (It’s a PDF download so you can read it on your phone whenever you like or print it out).

Q. Who is the content written by?
The course content is written by experienced mums, who also have five years experience working with thousands of other mums – we know what we are talking about when it comes to becoming a new mum! The content also includes professional information and links to other resources, giving you the best of both worlds!

Q. Can I make friends on this course?
Absolutely! Everyone who signs up to the course will have access to the private Mummy Social Facebook group where you’ll be able to chat to other likeminded mums-to-be and experienced mums, make new friends, find support and share the wonderful world of motherhood! Come join us!

Q. Is this course really right for me?
It depends if you want to go into motherhood essentially ‘in the dark’, or if you’d like to have a heads up on what it’s really like being a new mum. If you would like to feel more confident, more relaxed, more in control and more clued-up before your baby arrives then this course will be a brilliant investment for you!