The Mummy Social Story

Mummy Social was started in 2015 when our founder, Josie, experienced maternal isolation as a first time mum. Noticing how hard it was to make new friends to spend her time with now she was out of step with her normal social circle she had a thought – maybe she wasn’t the only one! Toddler groups where great but conversations that lead to ‘want to meet for a cuppa’ took weeks… surely there had to be an easier way! 

It’s original format was a website, created at Josie’s kitchen table while her baby napped and heavily pregnant with her second! Within weeks of launching hundreds of mums had joined and the new friendships formed where credited to reducing PND and fixing maternal isolation. We have now moved all of our activity and friendship group onto social media to make it more accessible for all. 

One of the mums who made two of her closest friends via Mummy Social was Danni who loved the concept so much asked if there was any way she could help. She soon became part of the team and now Danni and Josie are the mums behind the scenes. 

We’ve had celebrity supporters including The Unmumsy Mum and Helen Skelton and others including Gabby Roslin, Kimberly Walsh and Katie Piper have jumped at the chance of being interviewed by us to share their motherhood stories with our mums. 

Our stories as mothers ourselves have had interesting turns including an Autism diagnosis for Danni’s daughter, who she home educates on their smallholding in rural Wales, and a cancer diagnosis for Josie’s son, who often solo parents as her partner works abroad. We both really understand how hard it can be being a mum and want to bring as many mums together for friendship and support in any way we can.